Anxiety Gaming is Different

Unlike a traditional guild, we serve a greater purpose than to just down bosses and own other players. We do those things, too, but our ultimate goal is to create a family safe environment that promotes recovery from mental health issues. 

Anxiety Gaming is a Community 

Everyone in AG aims to uphold a culture of understanding, honesty, and emotional growth. Members come from all walks of life, but we have two things in common: we care about mental health and gaming. Our in-game guilds are an extension of our community. 

Anxiety Gaming has Standards to Uphold 

Like most guilds, AG has rules that need to be followed. Unlike most guilds, our rules are centered around upholding our community standards. Essentially, we've created rules that must be followed so that the AG environment is sustained at all time. It's vital that we keep our community safe and open to everyone- these rules achieve that.


Failure To Follow Our Rules May Result In Removal From Anxiety Gaming
(On All Game Fronts)


  1. Absolutely no diagnosis suggestions

    • This rule is critical! Mental Health issues are very complicated and require testing to properly diagnose. Please do not attempt to diagnosis anyone or suggest that they may have X disorder. Several research articles suggest that people will embody a diagnosis; therefor, it's possible for an individual to become the false disorder based on suggestion.
  2. Absolutely no advertising treatments 

    • While it may be with the best of intentions, we ask that you please not link 'treatment's in chat. Some examples of these treatments would be ebooks, herbal supplements, or alternative therapies. Anxiety Gaming promotes three methods of care, all of which should be combined: Medication, In-Person Therapy, and Mindfulness Meditation. Please do not promote anything outside of the approved methods. 
  3. Absolutely no toxic terms or behavior

    • Some of our members are seasoned gamers, even a few professional level players. However, many of the people who make up AG are casual or new players. We ask that 'noob' not be used to insult or degrade a players skill level. If a player makes a mistake, for example: drops the flag, please do not berate the person for their mistake. We also ask that members not attack a player who attacks another player, I.E defending. Because AG hosts people with many Mental Health related issues, it's possible that the insulting player is venting their stress. Attacking them isn't the key to ending the toxicity. Instead, please mute the player and notify an officer. 
  4. Total Toleration of religious freedoms

    • Anxiety Gaming hosts a wide variety of religious, non-religious, and a-religious members. For the sake of peace, please do not promote your religious or non-religious views. Some individuals intertwine their treatment and recovery outlook with a specific religious view. We ask that such individuals please use the term God(s), without any specific deity attached. This not only communicates the same point, but allows other religious members who share different beliefs to also enjoy the conversation. For our non-religious members, we ask that you please not make it a point to criticize. As well, absolutely no missionary attempts are allowed. 
  5. Total Toleration of lifestyle freedoms

    • Anxiety Gaming welcomes people of all lifestyles to safely enjoy our community. To protect all life styles, we will under no circumstances tolerate sexist, gender-phobic, or sexuality-phobic comments or suggestions. As well, anti-cis and SJW comments will also not be tolerated. The key word here is tolerance- even if you do not agree, please tolerate. This goes both ways, so if people do not understand your gender or sexuality, please be tolerant of such. 
  6. Political Discussions Must Be Kept In Moderation

    • Political discussions are often uncomfortable and unhelpful, so we ask that any such discussions be brought up only in reference to Mental Health issues. Your opinion on Healthcare is welcome, your opinion on Barack Obama is not. Conspiracy theories related to Mental Health are not allowed in chat. Some people very much believe mental health issues are caused by a big brother like party; fine, but please don't bring it up here.