drop the stigma around mental health 

Drop the Stigma is Anxiety Gaming’s challenge to the community to drop your stigma surrounding mental health.
It’s true that the stigma around mental health has been improving but we still have a lot of work to do - especially in the gaming world.
When you #dropthestigma you promise to be more open about mental health. It’s ok to have mental illness and we’re proud of you for talking about it.

drop your stigma!

So, how do you drop YOUR stigma? Simple! Get a friend to drop an egg on you.
The egg here symbolizes your stigma around mental health. Breaking the egg signifies you overcoming your personal struggles. It’s a first step in being able to talk about your depression, anxiety, therapy, and more.

Remember to also challenge your friends or family to drop their stigmas! .

Can't drop it?

If you don’t want to waste eggs or can’t get involved for whatever reason then simply use #AG or #dropthestigma to spread awareness about the campaign.