Event Champions

What we do


Event champions are where a lot of the fun happens with Anxiety Gaming. Most of us love the opportunity to attend these huge gaming events that bring to life our gaming passions. We do our best to get a booth at these events and spread awareness for our organization and mental health in general.  

Events like E3, Twitch-Con, and GDC all mean something different for us. We're able to approach each event with some uniqueness while still staying on top of mental health awareness. If any of these sounds interesting to you come join our Event team! 

Where we do it


Locations for the event volunteers can be pretty drastic. Gaming events and Cons happen all over the world. We try to make as many local events as possible, and due to this we try to keep our event volunteers local as well.

We'll only contact you for help if the event is local or you've specifically stated you'll be able to help out at one that is not local to you.


When you get involved


Once we're aware of an upcoming event we'll start to contact our volunteers. First we'll make an announcement through social media and then we'll start e-mailing local event volunteers.

If volunteers are interested in that specific event they'll fill out the form that will express their availability for the event and agree to the rules and terms at that time. We'll then start scheduling the volunteers accordingly and report back to them with our expectations of them for said event. 

If volunteers aren't available for the event they'll simply be able to ignore the e-mail and go about their business.