The process of recovery can be a long, stressful, but rewarding journey. Sadly, for many people, the biggest obstacle will be the cost of treatment. From the weekly therapy sessions, to the monthly medication, financial issues can add up quickly on top of issues such as inability to work or preexisting financial issues caused by mental illness.

Money shouldn't be the biggest obstacle in your recovery; but if it is, we're here to help. On behalf of Anxiety Gaming and it's constant supporters, we would like to offer you a grant to cover the cost of your therapy and/or medication.

How It Works: 

First, please check out our Guide To Recovery. Within the guide you should find everything you need to start recovering from anxiety. Most important to this grant process, you will learn how to apply for disability. If you're able to get disability, you will not qualify for this grant. This grant is intended for those who are unable to receive funding from any source.

Second, hit the apply button and fill out the form to the best of your ability. Please have proof of financial hardship on hand, as it will be required for the grant application. If you're unable to answer a certain area, please do not leave it blank. Make a note in the specific space letting us know that you're unsure how to answer, or don't have that piece of information. 

Third, wait to be contacted concerning your application. Typically, we will collect applications throughout the month and review them together to decide which applicants will receive the grant. In the meantime, we appreciate you not contacting us concerning the status of your grant application. You will be emailed or called concerning any questions we may have about your application, as well as informing you on the decision. 

Lastly, once approved, we will contact a therapist within our network that is local to you. Whenever you are available, we will send the funds directly to the therapist. All you have to do at this point is show up for the session. We will work with you hand-in-hand throughout the entire process of seeing your new therapist. This includes calling, texting, or skyping with you to help you feel comfortable starting this new process. 


*Please note that not everyone who applies will be accepted. Our funds are limited to the donations and funds we get from our sponsors. The AG team member that contacts you concerning the determination of your application is not fully knowledgeable as to why your application outcome was such. They can not answer in detail why you may have not qualified. An applicant may qualify for, but not receive the grant due to a lack of funding on our part. As well, an applicant may qualify for, but not receive a grant due to a lack of compliant therapists in their area. For either reason, an applicant may reapply for next month in hopes that we either a)acquired more funding, or b)added more therapists to our network. For medication coverage, the applicant must show proof of insurance, as well as the inability to cover the copay for said medication. Most medications are fully covered if taken as a generic. If you're unable to take a generic, please show medical proof (a doctors note).