How will you change the world?

Mission Critical is a collection of three major goals that we can all commit to that will directly impact the lives of those battling depression and anxiety. Each month brings a new set of challenges for us to work on as a team, with each task enabling you to do your part in the mental health revolution 

This Month: August, Back to School Edition

Winners of this month's Mission Critical will get full membership in the Anxiety Gaming Discord. Unlock all voice channels, do away with the push-to-talk restriction, and gain access to hidden chat rooms - including Soylent Cult :).  

Mission Objectives

+ Tweet at Philosophy Cosmetics Details:

Through the Grace and Hope Initiative, Philosophy Cosmetics donates 1% of their sales to a community based mental health non-profit. Their grant size ranges from $25,000 - $75,000, which even at the lowest end could cover the complete recovery of 55 people going through our grant program. Let’s work together to change lives.

+ Share the latest Event Details:

Are you really, really good at doing nothing? WELL GREAT NEWS! You now have the chance to prove you are exceptional at nothing. "Do Nothing" is competition to see who can unplug and chill out the best. How do we decide who is the best at doing nothing? We will be monitoring contestants heart rates every 15 minutes for an hour and a half. Whoever has the most steady heart rate without doing anything for 90 minutes will win. Winners will receive a trophy, t-shirt and basket of goodies and gift cards.

Here's The Event Page

+ E-Mail Hot Pepper Gaming Details:

Every year Hot pepper Gaming hosts Scare to Care, an incrediably fun and creative event that raises amazing amount of money for charity. Imagine what the two of us could do as a team? Send them a friendly E-Mail asking for their support in changing the lives of gamers battling anxiety and depression. Not sure what to say? Try sending this to

"Hey Vernon! I'd love to see you do your next Scare to Care for Anxiety Gaming. They're a 501(c)(3) that has changed the lives of over 23,000 young gamers struggling with anxiety and depression. Not only do they connect people with local therapists at dramatically reduced rates, they completely cover the cost of recovery for those that couldn't otherwise afford it. They also twice annually go to local foster homes in Los Angeles to play video games with the kids, then donate a dozen xbox 1s, playstation 4s, and computers so that the children there can use gaming as a positive form of stress relief.

Please check them out at!"

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