Streaming with a cause

Fundraising for Anxiety Gaming is focused on generating donations strictly to benefit our organization’s Grant Therapy Program.

These grants completely cover the cost of seeing a therapist, the cost of medications, transportation to therapy, and physical screenings. Perhaps even more critical, the grant team can help those in need gain access to game changing state and federal programs that include food stamps, rent vouchers, health insurance, monthly payments, and more. If you're interested in helping us by raising funds through streaming then we're happy to help you get started!


Skyhook’s 24 hour charity stream raised over $3,000 fully covering the care for 5 of our applicants


How we do things

If you’re ready to start fundraising for Anxiety Gaming then you’re in the right place. Here at AG we use a combination of Tiltify, Google, and Discord to make the stream dream possible.

Tiltify: Allows us to track all streaming events and donations
Google Drive: Provides streamers with any assets or logos they might need.
Discord: Creates a community chat for streamers of AG.
Calendar: Is used to display stream events publicly
AG Rules: Rules to follow while streaming

What you'll need

We've gathered together assets, guides, and talking points to help you get prepped and ready for the broadcast. Please make sure to read through the documents and promotional material before going live to help best communicate the mission behind Anxiety Gaming.

If you have promotional materials of you own or would like to collaborate with our team, please send an email to our community manager at

Media Assets: Overlays and Logos
Info Assets: Testimonials and Informational Videos
Streamer F.A.Q.: Talking points and common questions
Tiltify Guide: How to get started with Tiltify
[Discord Guide][Coming Soon]: How to get started with Discord

Tell us about your event

If you fill out the event form below we'll be able to add you to our public event calendar and possibly even promote you through social media if there are no conflicts. We'd love to help you get as much exposure for your event as we can!

Event Calendar Submission Form

What we're up to

We do our best to announce any events that will be happening with AG on our Events page. Here you'll be able to browse and locate all events AG plans on hosting. Any events that involve streaming will be listed here as well. Between this and announcements happening via Discord you should always be able to see what events you can get involved in.

Events: See all anounced events here



If you have any further questions or need direct assistance while on stream you may email our Community Director Cranu, or connect with him via Discord. 

Christien Andresen (Cranu) 
Community Director  
Discord: Cranu#3716*

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for our organization!! The gaming community has poured so much of their time, effort and love into helping those who are struggling with their mental health. We are dedicated to continue our mission to ensure gamers struggling with their mental health are give the chance to recover. We love you!