Frequently Asked Questions / Talking Points


1 - What Donation Platforms does Anxiety Gaming use?
Anxiety Gaming can easily accept all donations either through Tilitfy or Paypal. Viewers can also be directed to our website where they can donate specific amounts towards applicants care.

2 -  What kind of content am I allowed to Stream?
Our goal is not to stop streamers from expressing themselves and engaging with their viewers; however AG aims to uphold a culture of understanding, honesty, and emotional growth. Members come from all walks of life, but we have two things in common: we care about mental health and gaming. We advise that our streamers are an extension of our community.

3 - Regarding Date/Length/Time
Charity streams are a personal endeavour to support a cause that the individual believes in. In our experience fundraisers have lasted from a few hours to a few months. All we ask is that the individual communicate with our team at least 1 week in advance before initiating the fundraiser.

4 - How do I communicate with viewers about these issues?
Our goal at Anxiety Gaming is to help gamers seek out professional care. Mental Health issues are very complicated and require testing to properly diagnose. Please do not attempt to diagnosis anyone or suggest that they may have X disorder. If someone would like to learn more please redirect them to our Discord channel or Online Application.

5 - How can I learn more about AG before the fundraiser?
If you would like to learn about some of our other programs and work as a non-profit we are more than happy to connect over the phone or on discord. For more info about AG please email our director of partnerships at

6 - Will I be provided Logos, Banners, Etc?
Yes!! We have a full list of logos, banners and other media assets that we will provide once your fundraiser is confirmed. If you would like to create your own logo’s for the event, they must be approved before use.

Talking Points

We know a bit difficult initially to come up with things to say while you are broadcasting, this is why we came up with this list of talking points to help you after those first few hours when going live.

  • You can visit Anxiety Gaming’s website by visiting

  • Anxiety Gaming is a 501(c)(3) charity so when you donate you can deduct that from your taxes.

  • Anxiety Gaming programs grant accessibility and awareness to professional mental health care geared towards the gaming community.   

  • The Anxiety Gaming Therapist finder will help locate and will provide initial contact for gamers seeking professional care  

  • The Anxiety Gaming Grant Program financially supports gamers’ professional care and will help find the best possible options for the applicant.

  • Anxiety Gaming originated as a online gaming community (World of Warcraft, League of Legends) that educated and helped its community seek mental health care.  

  • All donations from Twitch and online gaming communities go directly to financially support the gamers on our Grant Program.

  • Our programs have helped over 26,000 gamers improve their mental health.

  • You can donate any time by going to and clicking on Donate.