An Anxiety Gaming Guide on how to get started with Tiltify.

An Anxiety Gaming Guide on how to get started with Tiltify.

Tiltify is an amazing tool that AG is able to utilize by keeping track of all fundraising a streamer has done for us. Streamers are able to sign up for our campaigns that are targeted towards events we hold in awareness of AG and Mental Health. Many of these events will include rewards and incentives for streamers to earn while they stream. We want all streamers to feel they are appreciated for dedicating their time to such an important cause. If you’re familiar with the Tiltify platform and are just looking for our page link, that can be found here. If you’re not sure where to get started with Tiltify then this page will take on a quick guide on how to do so.


Create an account

First we’ll get you on over to Tiltify. Here is where you’ll be able to see and manage everything when it comes to event donations, milestones, and rewards. If you don’t have an account on Tiltify you’ll need to create one. There are quite a few ways to create an account with Tiltify. The Sign up link provided below will show you your options for creating an account.  

Link to Sign Up page for Tiltify.

Join the Anxiety Gaming Tiltify team

A great way to have all of your donations automatically link to our campaign and give you credit is to join our Tiltify team. When you’re part of our Tiltify team you’re able to support our campaigns and all your linked donations get tracked under your username. In order to join our team follow the instructions below.

+1.Head to the Explore page.

Link to the page is here just in case.
1 On this screen you’ll type Anxiety Gaming into the search box once you’ve selected “Find A Team” like shown above. Once Anxiety Gaming comes up choose us and move forward.

+2.Request your invite to the team.

This next screen will take you to Anxiety Gaming’s most recent campaign. This is no the team profile page so you can’t request an invite from here.To get to our proper profile page you’re going to click on our icon in the top left of the screen next to the toolbar.
2 You should then arrive on a screen that has a “Request Invite” button right next to our Icon on the top of the page. Image provide below.
3 Once you’ve been approved for the team you’ll be able to to support any campaign we as Anxiety Gaming start.

Create your campaign

Now that you’re part of the Anxiety Gaming Tiltify Team you’ll be able to create campaigns that support ours. This is where things start to get exciting!

+1.Creating a new campaign

1 Campaigns are where are all information for an event are tracked in Tiltify. Any time we have an event that streamers are able to help out with there will be a campaign created for streamers to join.

Once you have your account created with Tiltify go to your Dashboard and choose Campaigns on the left toolbar. A blank screen with a “+ Create Campaign” button on the top right should let you know you’re in the right spot. If you’ve already created campaigns before they’ll show up on this screen as well.

+2.Choose your cause

2 Next Tiltify will instruct you to choose your cause. When you’re looking to support us this is where you’ll start to do so. From this screen type in Anxiety Gaming and we should be the first one’s to pop up. Just click on our name and continue forward.

+3.Choose your campaign type

3 Now Tiltify will ask you if you want to create an individual campaign or support one of ours. From here you’ll select “Support” and move forward.

+4.Choose the right campaign

4 On the occasion that there is more than one Anxiety Gaming Campaign going on make sure to select the correct one. Even if the event hasn’t started yet it could still show up in this list. Once you’ve selected the correct campaign the next screen will load.

+5.Name your campaign

5 Next you’ll be asked to name your campaign and create a slug for it. Feel free to be creative with these. A lot of people like to match it to the name of the event they have going on their channel. It will still be linked to our main event so yours can be named whatever you like. Just keep it appropriate and with in all rules of AG and Tiltify.

+6.Date of your event

6 It’s time to date your event. This next screen will allow you to choose a begin date and an end date for your campaign. Many people will choose to match their dates to the event they themselves are hosting on their channel. However, you can always choose to have the dates match that of the event you’re supporting so that you can continue to send out your donation link during the entire event.

+7.What is your goal

7 Choosing a goal for your campaign can be super easy. We encourage starting with $100, (It’s also the lowest Tiltify allows) and moving it up as you make it. The goals are adjustable once the campaign is created so don’t let this part hold you up. There is no shame in not reaching your goal. We appreciate any amount that has been raised on our behalf.

+8.Campaign Summary

8 You’re just about finished! Once your name, slug, date, and goal have all been entered you’ll be prompted with a summary of your campaign. Press that Create Campaign button and you’re done! You’ve just created your first campaign in support of Anxiety Gaming. Next we’ll teach you how to publish it!

It’s important to know that clicking “Create Campaign” will NOT publish your campaign. It will simply create the campaign template for you edit and publish once you have all your event details, graphics, and links set up to your liking.

[1]: /s/tiltifydb1-xcxy.jpg"new camp"

Publishing your campaign

Publishing your campaign is what finally makes everything official. It creates the donation and campaign link, as well as the Campaign API KEY if needed. You’ll want to be sure you have the correct representation and description of your event before making anything public. In order to edit and publish your campaign you’ll want to go to the campaign screen from the dashboard and then follow the instructions below.

+1.Finding your campaign

1 When you’re ready to publish and edit your campaign head to the campaign screen like shown above. It should display that your campaign is unpublished right above where you can choose to edit it. Click the “Edit” button from here.

+2.Editing your campaign

2 This is where you’ll take over and add all the details of your event. You can add stream times to a schedule, add donation incentives for viewers, and milestones for reaching certain donation limits. All these options are available through the campaign editing toolbar at the top.

Once you’re ready to go you’ll hit the greyed out “Publish” button and publish the event to the public. The published campaign will now have the donation link, campaign link, and campaign API KEY if needed. The published notification will now be present at the top of the screen like so.3