Setting Up Your Own Chapter

Set up your own AG Chapter at your university.

How to Become an AG Chapter:

  1. Complete the student training program (see below).
  2. Be a member in your university’s gaming/esports club.
  3. Maintain any leadership role in your gaming club.
  4. Fill out this form.

AG Chapters will have access to additional mental health resources through our newsletter, can participate in social campaigns like our Champions of Hope, or start donation events!

Additionally, AG Chapters can eventually establish free group therapy programs. You can find more information on setting up group therapy programs within each month’s newsletter.


Mental Health Training

If you want to do more, participate in our student training program where we teach you the signs of symptoms of mental illness, suicide prevention, and self-care practices. Once you pass, you’ll be a designated student mental health consultant with the knowledge to help other students that may be struggling.

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Become Mental Health Champions

Anxiety Gaming provides multiple opportunities to get involved with the community. From volunteering to participating in large social campaigns, you and your chapter can make a difference in advocating for mental wellness.