Volunteering with Anxiety Gaming

Below are the 3 different volunteer programs we currently have. The Positivity Squad spreads happiness around the web. The Events Team helps us attend our conventions and spread mental health awareness.  The Healthcare Volunteers help us tend to our members and their needs. Click on "Learn More..." under any of the programs to get full descriptions and their function. We hope to see you soon! 


Positivity Squad

If you're looking for any easy and fun way to get involved with Anxiety Gaming the Positivity Squad is a great place to start. This squad focuses on spreading non-toxic behavior around the web and in communities. We do monthly raffles that Squad members who submit their social media interactions of positive behavior can be entered in to win. This means you don't even have to get off your couch to start helping people. Come make someone smile today!

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Event Volunteer

We're very fortunate here at Anxiety Gaming to be able to attend many of the gaming events and conventions through out the year. For this reason we are always looking for volunteers to help us spread brand awareness and build connections with the gaming community while we're there. We do traditional booth style work with sign ups and giveaways during each event. 

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Healthcare Volunteer

The main focus of Anxiety Gaming is to get our members into therapy. To do this we collect demographic information about our members and find professionals local to them. If you're a mental health professional, medical student, or just passionate about healthcare we'd love for you to join us.  

We're able to use many types of healthcare volunteers due to our Therapist Finder program. If you'd like be contacted when a member is in your area or help us locate professionals local to our members please submit your application below.