Mental Health Awareness Month 2018
to May 31

Mental Health Awareness Month 2018

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For mental health awareness month, our organization asks you to join us as we celebrate the positive power of our online communities. As the awareness and need for mental health care only continues to increase we need your support to raise funds to help those waiting to join our grant program. These grants directly pay for the mental healthcare of gamers in our programs, who are commonly directed from streamers and online communities like yours.

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Consoles For Kids - Holiday Edition

Join Anxiety Gaming as we aim to make a difference for those in the foster care system. Did you grow up with gaming? If you're here, we know you did! Remember that game you played a few years back which got you through a tough time in your life? How amazing is it that gaming can have that impact on us. Let's share that with someone special. Let's give this amazing gift of gaming! 

Consoles for Kids is one of Anxiety Gaming's premier outreach programs. Anxiety Gaming sets out to spend an entire day at the foster home, Families Uniting Families, enjoying games and making friends. The day will include the use of a Game Truck, a gigantic semi-truck trailer converted into a mobile arcade, tons of video game consoles and games, and an endless amount of pizza. Once we're ready to wrap up, every single video game console, computer, video game, and peripheral is donated to the children. That's right! Playstation 4's, Xbox 1's, Gaming PC's, and all of the greatest games and peripherals go straight to the children that need it most. Interested in helping? Donate your favorite used games, consoles, laptops, tablets, computers, or peripherals, then watch them go straight into the arms of someone special :). Also accepting funds, which will be used to acquire the above.  

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